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Blue Luxury is a sustainable project with a majestic 5 star hotel in Tulum-Riviera Maya, located less than 2 km away from the beach, it is an ideal space thought for you to enjoy privacy, spirituality, luxury and tranquility, developing as the continuation of a residence.

Captivated by the beauty of the place, the diversity of cultures, the mysticism and magic of Tulum, will make the experience of living in this city unparalleled.


42 Comfortable Suites

A sacred space where you can contemplate the natural beauty of Tulum from these warm, comfortable and luxurious rooms in the middle of the jungle. A space created so that you can enjoy privacy and comfort, connecting with nature and the magic of the place.

With a private bathroom and a beautiful outdoor terrace where you can contemplate the view and the sunsets from the tranquility of your room.

2 luxurious presidential suites

Unique, exclusive and luxurious spaces with extraordinary amenities that provide a feeling of exclusivity and luxury. Wrapping you up in comforts and services beyond the paradigms of traditional stays.

With a spectacular view, difficult to find anywhere else, each suite offers a feeling of tranquility and comfort, with a swimming pool, spa services and a space to perform yoga or alternative therapies, knowing the spirituality that you can only find in the magic of Tulum.


2 Restaurants of Healthy High Cuisine

Inside the hotel you will find 2 restaurants with healthy cuisine, products of the highest quality from local suppliers and the freshest products in the area.

With juice bars and detox shots, infusions and drinks to balance and strengthen the immune system.



With quality equipment, nutritional advisers and professional staff that advises you in your work out, private yoga classes, functional, calisthenics, strength, resistance, boxing, capoeira.

Exclusive spaces to meditate, with a temazcal, an ideal space to free yourself and train your mind and body.


Amazing Spa

Discovering magical treatments, renewing and relaxing with methods and techniques.

Relax your mind, rejuvenate your body, and revitalize your spirit in our world-class spa. With relaxing hydrotherapy sessions, facials, massages, bath therapies, body detoxes, acne treatments, body scrubs, individual and in pairs, pampering your body, an incredible way to honor it, thanking it for everything you do every day.

Carboxytherapy and electrostimulation treatments plus a personalized nutrition plan.


2 Commercial Premises

Places that offer what you need in the same place, with room service and excellent attention will make your stay much more pleasant.

Spaces that are prepared for the needs of each client, having products for sale for the inhabitants and visitors of the place.

With an excellent location, they are undoubtedly strategic spaces.



It doesn’t matter if you want to do it in a tropical setting, like in Bali, or in a gold-plated pool in the Himalayas, there are pools out there that have earned the right to be a tourist destination in their own right. Surrounded by natural elements that you will only find in Tulum.

An imposing pool that offers stunning panoramic views in Tulum. At night, the pool turns into an entertainment center with an open fireplace, dance floor, and bar.



A space in which diversities of cultures, people and experiences are connected, if you want to network, request information, know the map of amenities, the lobby is the place that will connect you with all the spaces of the hotel.

Distribution plans by floor

Tulum - Riviera Maya

Tulum is one of the most desired jewels of the Riviera Maya, located in the middle of the jungle with beautiful white sand beaches, palm trees, turquoise blue sea, spectacular lagoons, cenotes, rivers, underwater caverns and an impressive Mayan archaeological site on the seashore, which was used as an astrological ceremonial center, make Tulum a unique destination in the Mexican Caribbean.

The construction of the city of Tulum was based on the concept of the “four corners”
which refers to the cardinal points and which in turn arises from the ancient cosmic pattern of five points. The city as a quadrilateral represented an ordered, rational world, made for gods and men alike

Tulum has had an important growth in the last few years, investors from all over the world have bet on this tourist destination.
The capital gain, the return on investment and the experience of living in one of the most visited tourist destinations and the one to which most tourists return is a competitive differentiator and an excellent option to invest in Tulum.
The Riviera Maya as a destination with an international level of tourism development was awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the distinction “The best of the best”.

According to official data from INAH (
the visitor statistics for 2019 are as follows:


Invest in this project

An excellent investment opportunity in one of the most touristic areas in the world, awarded by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the “The best of the best” award.

Rooms at the Kukulkan Boutique Hotel that guarantee a 12% annual return on exploitation for 10 years.

Av. Kukulkan entre calle 7 poniente y calle 9 poniente,
MZA. 45, Lt. 01, 77760 – Tulum

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